Pm10 Monitor Installed To Enhance Understanding Of Dust Impacts Within Local Community

Air quality sensor and weather equipment.


Holcim has installed a specialised PM10 monitor to better understand the dust impacts around its Beenleigh quarry.  The PM10 monitor captures particulate matter equal to or less than 10 micrometres in diameter, which differs from the existing dust deposition monitors in place that capture all particulate matter.

The monitor is located on private property in the vicinity of the quarry and Holcim thanks the landowner for their willingness to assist with this monitoring process. The monitor is approximately one cubic metre and includes an weather station.

The monitoring unit will be in place initially for one month after which the data will be analysed by an accredited laboratory.  A decision may then be made to continue monitoring for another term.

PM10 monitoring was one of the commitments made by Holcim after recent dust complaints from the community. Holcim will provide an update later in the year when monitoring results are received. 

Monitoring base unit.
Monitoring base unit (open).

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