About Cooma Road Quarry


The Cooma Road Quarry Development Consent provides for the following:

  • extraction of the remaining resources within the existing approved quarry pit area;
  • extension of the approved extraction boundary to the north covering an area of approximately 3.5 hectares;
  • increasing the maximum annual production limit from 1 Mtpa to 1.5 Mtpa;
  • allowance to receive quarry materials from other sites for crushing and screening (as required) and then sale. Total product (including from both material quarried from the site and from materials imported to the site) will be maintained within the total production limit of 1.5 Mtpa;
  • relocation of the existing workshop, truck parking and temporary stockpiles;
  • addition of a mobile pug mill; and
  • recycling of clean concrete on site for re-use as product.


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