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Holcim Australia takes pride in its investment into communities where we work and are happy to post articles citing our work in and around Lynwood quarry.


Rocky road wins upgrade

Goulburn Post

18 May 2015

Quarry company Holcim has kicked in funds to upgrade Brayton Rd at Marulan. It comes on top of $15 million paid to construct the new flyover interchange at South Marulan Road as part of contributions for its new Lynwood quarry.

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Steering Holcim funds in the right direction

Goulburn Post

6 May 2015

Holcim Australia is pleased to announce that ongoing investment into Marulan via its Community Investment Fund will quickly progress now that members of the Steering Committee have been decided.

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Company sees light on glaring problem

Goulburn Post

4 May 2015

Last Friday week the Towrang Community Progress Group and Holcim had what must be the most productive meeting in over two years of discussions, debates and negotiations.

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Volunteers put hands to wheel

Goulburn Post

8 Apr 2015

The team at Holcim's Lynwood quarry has been volunteering their time to support the local Marulan Progress Association.

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