Information updates


Read updates on the Lynwood Quarry project, including community engagement, quarry and environmental management, and products. 

Commissioning update

May 2015 – Commissioning of the quarry is well advanced with the primary plant in full operational mode. The main processing plant is building the product stockpiles and the site is starting to gear up for operations.

The month of April was also celebrated with the arrival of the first 36 wagon trains to commission the area where trains are loaded with material. Over the coming weeks, several trains will be cycled through the plant to fine-tune the loading system.

Quarry extraction area in operation

To extract our product from the designated extraction area, all machines have now been delivered and the blasting program has been running strong since October 2014. As a result, the extraction area (or pit) has moved to operational stage. This means the crew will be working longer hours as required to support the commissioning process of the plant, however, the entire site continues to operate within the approved construction hours. 

Construction update

November 2014 – Construction of Lynwood Quarry is now in the final stages, with Metso Minerals (Australia) nearing completion of the installation of the processing plant, including the crushers, screening buildings and conveyer system. The installation of electrical and water trenches for the processing plant is well underway and the foundations for radial stackers are almost complete. Ancillary buildings such as the main administration building, laboratory, amenities, heavy vehicle workshop and store compound are also nearing completion with internal fit out works currently well underway. Commissioning works are scheduled to commence in the final quarter of 2014, with operations on-schedule to commence in the first quarter of 2015.

Johnnifields Update

For the time being Johnnifields Quarry is operating “business as usual”, however as Lynwood Quarry gets up and running, operations will slow and be progressively transitioned across to Lynwood. Johnnifields will eventually be closed once Lynwood is fully operational and Holcim is currently in discussions with Council regarding rehabilitation plans for the site. As part of the Johnnifields decommissioning program, Holcim will rehabilitate the Marulan rail siding, removing the existing material stockpiles and plant vegetation to enhance the area. We acknowledge that rail loading activities at the siding have caused inconveniences to some residents adjacent the siding in the past, so it is hoped that closure of this siding will be a welcome change.

Community Consultative Committee update

October 2014 – The Lynwood Quarry Community Consultative Committee held its ninth meeting in September 2014. Key aspects discussed at the meeting included:

  • the status of construction activities
  • lighting and schedule of upcoming activities
  • environmental update
  • community contributions update

The Community Consultative Committee provides another avenue for the community to remain informed and engage with the site team, so should you have any queries about the committee; you can contact your community representatives:

David Humphreys: (02) 4841 1852

John Nicastri: (02) 4841 1105

Environment – Land management

May 2014– We have been busy with a number of different environmental initiatives in recent months.

Native tree planting to reduce visual impact

The regeneration of the entire western boundary of our site is also now complete, with a mix of native tree species planted by Greening Australia. The area is over 3km long and as the trees grow, they will enhance the visual buffer for our neighbours to the west.

Land management program

Throughout 2013, the Gundungurra Regeneration Team undertook an intensive land management program on site, including weed and feral animal control. The team were able to utilise their cultural knowledge of the land to undertake works in a sustainable and socially responsible manner, with minimal impact to the native species.

Arboreal habitat enhancement

Arboreal habitat enhancement works are continuing to be progressively undertaken in response to clearing works. To date, over 55 nest boxes have been installed across the site to replace tree hollows lost during clearing activities.