Holcim Group

Founded in Switzerland in 1912, Holcim is passionately committed to global standards in production, distribution and customer service, as well as environmental and social responsibility. Holcim is one of the world's leading suppliers of cement and aggregates (crushed stone, sand and gravel). We also supply ready-mix concrete and asphalt, and provide related services.

Holcim is a global company employing some 83,000 people, with production sites in over 70 countries. Holcim is more globally spread than any other building materials group, allowing us to create a strong foothold in each individual market, and providing stable earnings for the Group. Aiming to keep a balanced portfolio, Holcim's business strategy is based on continuous growth in both developed economies and emerging, high-growth markets, where around three-quarters of our operational capacity, accounting for almost half of the Group's net sales, is based.

In 2008, Holcim recorded sales of over 25 billion Swiss francs (approx. 28 billion Australian dollars). Thanks to our market-oriented structures, product innovations, skilled employees and efficient environmental management systems Holcim is in a strong position now - and for years to come.   Above: Innovative technology applied to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions is a key element of the sustainable construction approach: the "Autonomous alpine shelter" in close proximity to the iconic Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps is the winner of the Holcim Awards Bronze 2008 for Europe, and is supported by Holcim Switzerland.

Holcim had been named "Leader of the Industry" in the DJSI Index from 2005 to 2008 and was thus acknowledged as the company with the best sustainability performance in the building materials industry for four consecutive years. Although Panasonic Electric Works Co Ltd from Japan took this position in the recently published 2009 DJSI results, Holcim remains committed to being "best in class" and constantly improving its sustainability performance.

The Group's recycling and energy-saving strategies, its dialogue with stakeholder groups, its efforts in occupational health and safety, and its human capital development received top scores from the DJSI. Holcim has also been selected as a member of the Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI). Both of these organizations provide investors with guidance in selecting companies that deliver sustainability as well as financial returns. At Holcim, "Perfecting Progress™" is what being a leader is all about.