Primary Stormwater Treatment

The proven value of the HumeGard® system has made it one of the most successful stormwater treatments systems in Australia today; a wide range of models are available to provide solutions for normal and supercritical flow conditions.


HumeGard® Gross Pollutant Trap

HumeGard Gross pollutant trap

The HumeGard® system is a pollution control device that is specifically designed to remove gross pollutants and coarse sediments (≥ 150 micron), from stormwater runoff. This system is designed for residential and commercial developments where litter and sediment are the predominant pollutants. It is particularly useful in retrofit applications or drainage systems on flat grades where low head loss requirements are critical.

The system utilises the processes of physical filtration and floatation/sedimentation to separate the litter and coarse sediment from stormwater runoff. It incorporates an upper bypass chamber diverting treatable flows via a floating boom, and a lower treatment chamber for settling and filtering coarse pollutants from the flow. The floating boom and bypass chamber enables the continued capture of floating material, even during peak flows, and the unit also prevents re-suspension and release of trapped materials during subsequent storm events.

The HumeGard® Gross Pollutant Trap:

  • provides high performance with a low headloss factor (k) of 0.2
  • removes 100% of gross pollutants (>2mm) prior to bypass
  • provides at least 49% TSS removal annually (including bypass)
  • removes particulate-bound nutrients
  • uses independently proven technology
  • is designed with low operational velocities (0.2 m/s) to minimise scour
  • has a 50 year design life in accordance with AS5100 and AS3600
  • has internal components made from stainless steel
  • was developed and tested by Swinburne University
  • is fully trafficable