HumeCeptor® Hydrodynamic Separator

humeceptor inline

The HumeCeptor® hydrodynamic separator is specifically designed to remove hydrocarbons and fine suspended solids (≥ 10 microns) from stormwater runoff, containing spills and minimising non-point source pollution entering downstream waterways.

The HumeCeptor® system is an underground, precast concrete stormwater treatment solution that utilises hydrodynamic and gravitational separation to efficiently remove total suspended solids and entrained hydrocarbons from runoff. First designed as an at-source solution for constrained, commercial and industrial sites it has been improved and expanded to service large catchments, inundated drainage systems, and capture large volume emergency spill events. The system is ideal for hardstands/wash bays, car parks, shopping centres, industrial/commercial warehouses, petrol stations, airports and major road infrastructure applications.

Independently tested, and installed in thousands of projects around the world, the HumeCeptor® system provides effective, and reliable secondary treatment of stormwater for constrained sites. There are a significant number of benefits provided during installation, operation and ownership, including:

  • The system reliably removes a high level of TSS and hydrocarbons.
  • Each device is sized to achieve the necessary WQO on an annual basis.
  • Its performance has been independently verified.
  • High flows won't scour captured sediment.
  • Nutrients are captured along with the sediment.
  • Designs allow for emergency spill storage, directional change, multiple pipes and tidal inundation.
  • It is a fully trafficable solution.
  • Class 1 Humeceptor is now available, which can remove free oils and hydrocarbons from the stormwater runoff with a concentration of less than 5 ppm.


The AquaCeptor™ is a variation on the HumeCeptor® system which has been designed with a weir extension to increase the level at which flows bypass the treatment chamber and accommodate downstream tailwater levels or periodic inundation (eg. tidal situations). This weir extension is provided in standard heights of 100mm intervals up to a maximum of 500mm.


humeceptor multi

The MultiCeptor™ has been developed to facilitate the replacement of junction pits as well as providing the treatment abilities of the traditional HumeCeptor® device. These units reverse the weir structure to allow for:

  • Change of pipe direction
  • Multiple inlet pipes
  • Differing invert levels of multiple inlet pipes
  • Grated inlets

MultiCeptor™ units are available in the same capacities as standard HumeCeptor® units.


humeceptor duoseries

Developed to treat larger catchments (2 Ha - 6 Ha) because some constrained developments can only accommodate a single, large device instead of several smaller devices.

The unit operates by splitting the flow and treating half of the design flow through the first chamber. The untreated half of the design flow bypassed from the first chamber then passes through the split connection pipe into the second chamber for treatment. Treated flow from the first chamber exits and flows through the other side of the split connection pipe, and bypasses the second chamber to join the treated flow from the second chamber at the outlet of the DuoCeptor™ model.

HumeCeptor EOS™

The HumeCeptor EOS™ (Emergency Oil Spill) system provides you with the maximum protection against hydrocarbon spills at petrol stations, highway interchanges and intersections. It combines the passive, always-operating functions of the HumeCeptor® system, with additional emergency storage to capture the volume of spill required by your road authority.

HumeCeptor MAX™


The HumeCeptor MAX™ model was developed to meet the market need for a single, large, end-of-pipe solution for TSS removal. Utilising the HumeCeptor® system’s proven capture and scour prevention technology, it is ideal for very large commercial and industrial sites (>6 Ha) that need to achieve at least 50% TSS removal and hydrocarbon capture. The HumeCeptor MAX™ model can be expanded to almost any capacity required.




HumeCeptor® Class I

The HumeCeptor® Class I system is an underground, modular, precast concrete stormwater treatment train that utilises hydrodynamic and gravitational separation to efficiently remove Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and entrained hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff.