Tertiary Stormwater Treatment

The HumeFilter® is a tertiary stormwater treatment device featuring a multistage treatment method, including primary screening, media filtration, and membrane filtration. 


HumeFilter® Universal Pollutant Trap (UPT)


The multistage treatment approach provides exceptional pollutant removal rates at high treatment flow rates with minimal head loss and relatively low maintenance costs.

The HumeFilter® uses hydrodynamic separation, and physical media and membrane filtration to provide tertiary treatment to stormwater run-off in an underground precast concrete structure. Using the media and filtration cartridges provides an extremely large contact surface area, resulting in high flow rates and pollutant removal capability for many types of contaminants.

  • The system provides tertiary level performance with a small footprint
  • It has been independently tested
  • It treats higher flow rates than most filters
  • Above-ground land use is maintained
  • Maintenance is easy
  • We provide world class treatment solutions