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We are a global leader in cement and aggregates as well as ready mixed concrete and related services. We offer a rewarding career development both in Australia and internationally.

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Their expertise and skills, their ability to find innovative solutions and their commitment to high performance. We offer careers for those who seek opportunities to grow and excel.


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Building progress starts right here, right now, with all of us. Hear from our people from around the world about what progress means to them.


It is not just important what we do but how we get there. The core values and underlying behaviors we have identified will guide us in how things are done at Holcim. 


Our values

We are builders of progress for people and the planet. 

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We partner to create value for all, from our customers and partners to our people, communities, and stakeholders.  We are passionate about finding better ways to build and go the extra mile to make a bigger difference. We innovate to enter uncharted territory with a relentless and entrepreneurial spirit. We make things happen, delivering on our promises with rigour in execution, excellence, and accountability.  We put sustainability at the heart of everything we do to build a world that is positive for people and the planet, with health, safety, and environment as our core value.



Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

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Message from Holcim CEO George Agriogiannis

Our progress towards reconciliation has been a rewarding journey, and one that continues.

This is our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and I am delighted to introduce it.

As an organisation we have been engaging with Traditional Owners for many years and including them in our operations as part of our social responsibility framework.

Our goal has always been to initiate and maintain long-term sustainable relationships with First Nation communities. But we can do more and this RAP facilitates that.