Decorative and architectural aggregates

Holcim offers a range of natural rocks sources for gabion walls, landscaping and engineered projects.



The gabion market is a highly specialised segment that requires involvement from key stakeholders every step of the way.

The Holcim business welcomes customers, consultants, specifiers and project managers to contact our local operations for specific detail on potential rock sources and applications.

Decorative aggregates

The decorative quarry product market falls into a number of product categories. These include the production of decorative concrete aggregates supported in the production of "exposed "premixed concrete through Holcim Concrete.

There are a number of decorative products at each quarrying operation, many of these products are used in applications for landscaping, DIY, councils/shires, parks and gardens, domestic pathways, rural properties, sports grounds etc.

Please contact your local quarrying operation for further details.




Customer enquiries

Contact your local customer service team Australia-wide.

1300 555 277


Safety Data Sheets

  • Holcim Aggregate Products (SDS) (pdf, 294.1 KB)
  • Holcim Dried Sand Products (SDS) (pdf, 298.52 KB)
  • Holcim Glass Grade Silica Sand (SDS) (pdf, 265.14 KB)
  • Holcim Graded Sand & Gravel Products (SDS) (pdf, 266.29 KB)
  • Holcim Milled Silica Products (SDS) (pdf, 308.34 KB)
  • Holcim Silica Sand (SDS) (pdf, 289.94 KB)
  • Holcim Recycled Aggregates (SDS) (pdf, 213.25 KB)
  • Holcim Wet Sand Products (SDS) (pdf, 298.38 KB)
  • Holcim Precast Concrete Products & Pipes (SDS) (pdf, 292.23 KB)

Terms & conditions

  • Terms & conditions of sale (buying from Holcim Australia) (pdf, 142.39 KB)
  • Terms of credit (pdf, 75.82 KB)