Modern Slavery Statement

Holcim recognises that it must continue to work diligently and with genuine intentions to ensure the human rights of all employees are upheld, whether they are in Holcim, in Holcim’s supply chain or within Holcim’s contractor’s organisations. We want all people to enjoy a free and equal life no matter where they live and what role they play.

Holcim continues to support responsible sourcing and works to ensure safe and sustainable work practices for all those involved in its operations and supply chain. Through an ongoing review of human rights risks as well as Holcim’s policy frameworks and processes, Holcim is continuing to focus the organisation to address issues related to human rights, modern slavery and environmental sustainability.

Holcim continues to support the objective of Australia’s Act and is working to better understand the risks or changes in the risks within its business and supply chain, addressing them through engagement with employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.