Health and safety

Passion is at the base of the safety culture at Holcim Australia. It provides the platform to achieve our shared goal of “zeroHarm to People” and “zeroHarm to the Environment”. 

Ultimately the zeroHarm goal is a commitment by everyone in our organisation and is driven by everyone from the CEO down.

Everyone must understand and acknowledge the importance of safety on the job as well as integrating safety into our daily lives and everything we do – both as individuals and an organisation.

zeroHarm is supported by four fundamental principles:

  • Passion
  • Accountability
  • Behaviour
  • Communication and consultation

“Wherever safety, health and environment responsibilities are allocated, people are authorised to take action so they comply with our Holcim Australia Safety and Health Management System. This will ensure a safe workplace at all times.”

– George Agriogiannis, CEO, Holcim Australia


Contractor Management Handbook

Contractor Management Handbook

Safety, health and environment (SHE) provisions that apply to contract work undertaken on any Holcim Australia site.

Contractor Management Handbook (pdf, 4.82 MB)


Safety Data Sheets

Detailed guides on the safe handling and use of Holcim products.