Health & Safety

At Holcim, we care about the safety of our people, our customers, and the communities in which we operate. Safety is our overarching value that is embedded in everything we do.

Being a leader in the building materials industry means setting new health and safety standards. Our aspiration is to conduct our business with zero harm to people and to create a healthy and safe environment for our employees, contractors, communities, and customers.

George Agriogiannis| CEO Holcim Australia & New Zealand

“We keep each other safe”

Lead by example

World class organisations, committed to safe and efficient operations have one thing in common; all leaders demonstrate great safety leadership at every level. Safety is integrated into the way we lead and operate at Holcim.

Speak up

Discussing personal safety leadership performance is critical to achieving a safety culture committed to continuous improvement and learning. We also foster a reporting culture on hazards, near hits and harm or loss events to improve the safety of our workplaces and continue to reduce risk together.


We thank people for doing the right thing. Recognition reinforces the value we place on safe behaviour and encourages continuous improvements of our safety, health, and environment management systems.

Engaging the entire organization

When it comes to implementation of our strategy, our philosophy is based on simplicity and focused messages for target audiences. To ensure rules are easy to follow, visual tools were created to support our HSE Standards.

We emphasize strong safety leadership, safe behaviour, and continuous improvement of our health, safety and environment management systems. Watch this 4-minute video to hear from our people how we bring safety to life at Holcim. 

Health and Safety is our overarching core value

We conduct our business in a manner that creates a healthy and safe work environment for all stakeholders (employees, contractors, communities and customers). 

Contractor Management Handbook

Safety, health and environment (SHE) provisions that apply to contract work undertaken on any Holcim Australia site.

Safe Site Delivery

The purpose of this document is to assist and support customers in preparing a safe site for Holcim personnel whilst personnel deliver products and services.