Mt Shamrock Quarry

Holcim’s Mt Shamrock Quarry produces high quality construction materials such as rail ballast, aggregates (for concrete and asphalt) and road bases that are essential for the construction of homes, roads, railways, bridges, marinas, hospitals, schools, shopping centres, and other infrastructure within our communities.

Community & Environment Enquiries
About the quarry

Mt Shamrock Quarry at Mount Shamrock Road in Pakenham, Victoria has been in operation since 1974 and currently operates under Work Authority WA 174, and approved Work Plans and planning permit (T050156 PC2.). The quarry was approved for extension in 2008 following an assessment under the Environment Effects Act 1978.

Mt Shamrock Quarry employs approximately 22 full time employees and 10 contractors, and indirectly 40 contractors, mostly from the local area.

Supporting major projects

Mt Shamrock Quarry has supplied major projects throughout its operational history including in recent years: Pakenham Bypass, Cardinia Road Overpass, High Capacity Metro Trains (HCMT) Depot at Nar Nar Goon, removal of 15 level railway crossings, Eastlink resheet, Monash Freeway widening, and Upper Yarra Reservoir.

Victoria has a growing demand for construction materials due to major infrastructure projects as part of the Victoria’s Big Build and civil construction for housing and industrial developments in the south east growth corridor. In Victoria, there is a current shortage of suitable approved quarry materials that are in close transport proximity to meet the needs of these projects. Mt Shamrock Quarry is ideally located for ongoing affordable supply to residential and commercial developments.

Future resource investigation

Due to this growing demand, Holcim is exploring opportunities to continue the supply of essential materials to the Victorian construction industry by investigating the suitability of further resources within the existing approved boundary of the quarry (WA174). See below for the conceptual area of interest, marked in yellow.

In late February 2024, Holcim will begin undertaking initial resource drilling and geotechnical assessments in the area shown above to determine the suitability of the Older Basalt for construction materials.

While this process is being undertaken, Holcim will continue to operate the quarry inline with the current approvals of WA174 & Planning Permit T050156 PC2. There will be no changes to the operation or impacts to the community during this time. 

Please note

Holcim is not considering any changes to its approved current operating hours which are: 

  • 7am-6pm Monday to Friday, 7am to 12 noon Saturday
  • Blasting: Monday to Friday 11am-12 noon, and 2pm-3pm
  • Critical maintenance can occur outside these hours

Holcim is also not considering any changes to site access roads or truck routes in and out of the quarry.