Holcim Drives Down Carbon Emissions with Advanced Loader Technology


Decarbonising quarry operations brings multiple benefits

For Holcim globally, the efficient extraction of raw materials plays a major role in the world-wide efforts to reduce the impact of building and construction on the climate. In a local example of initiatives that are helping to reduce environmental impacts, Holcim Australia’s aggregates team is pioneering the implementation of advanced electric drivetrain heavy machinery that reduces fossil fuel consumption, cuts exhaust emissions, and supports progress towards a lower-carbon future.

In a first for the Australian quarrying and construction materials sector for heavy machinery, Holcim quarries in Gosnells, WA and Petrie, QLD have introduced the latest Cat® 988K XE loaders – the first by Caterpillar with a high-efficiency electric drive system. The third of this type will arrive in Pakenham, VIC in the coming weeks, and a Cat® 972 XE sales loader variant has joined the South East Queensland Aggregates business and will begin operating in early June 2024.

Holcim has found that compared to the older models, there is a 35% reduction in fuel consumption like-for-like being realised in their first 500 hours of operation.

Tim Millis, Performance Improvement Manager for Holcim Australia’s Aggregates Division noted that the new technology loaders were not a short-term trial, but part of Holcim’s ongoing operations that are here to stay.

Our HME (heavy mining equipment) Replacement Program represents another step towards fulfilling our operational improvement and sustainability objectives. Across all parts of Holcim’s business, we seek solutions that are both innovative and environmentally responsible, through sound investment and application of impactful technologies.

Tim Millis| Performance Improvement Manager, Aggregates Division, Holcim Australia

The new loaders are already demonstrating significant benefits. “Compared to the older models that these machines are replacing, there is a 35% reduction in fossil fuel consumption like-for-like being realised in their first 500 hours of operation combined. Additionally, the advanced machinery has a longer maintenance cycle, providing further operating cost benefits over the life of the equipment”, Tim noted. “Optimising our overall fleet with modern HME will also decrease the total number of machines in operation, potentially realising up to 65% reductions in fossil fuel and CO2 emissions by decreasing the total number of machines in operation at the Gosnells quarry.”  

Holcim’s journey towards net-zero construction starts with the equipment that shapes our built environment, from excavation to laying stone, asphalt, and concrete. As a global leader in sustainable building solutions, Holcim is at the forefront of creating products that significantly reduce carbon emissions. Through exploring innovative methods to electrify our equipment and operations, and offer low-carbon building materials, we are paving the way towards a more sustainable future for the construction industry.

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