Bulk Aggregates

Holcim quarrying operations provide quality concrete aggregate supply throughout Australia from its 65 operations.

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Concrete aggregates

Concrete aggregates are an integral component of producing quality concrete. These aggregates and subsequent concrete supply supports our community in meeting its requirements of roads, housing, commercial and infrastructure needs.

These concrete aggregates are produced from quarrying operations that source geological rock with typical characteristics that concrete specifications require.

Asphalt aggregates

The production of high quality asphalt aggregates is a critical component in the production of quality asphalt. Holcim quarrying operations supports its customers in producing quality aggregates throughout each region. There are many operations that meet the high (PSV) values that are required on specific specifications for projects.The Holcim aggregates business works closely with customers, consultants, contractors, government and industry associations to assist in the development and product innovation for the benefit of all key stakeholders.

Drainage / filter aggregates

The production of drainage and filter aggregates is a common product throughout the Holcim quarrying product range. You'll find these products are produced for many markets including road construction, rural properties, commercial backfill, landscaping and DIY.

The product application can be for retaining walls, underslab filter blankets and generally in any application where free flowing water with hard durable rock is required. The product size or grading would typically be range from 20-100mm. These products can be one size or graded for a specific purpose.

There are many types of rock that can be used in these applications, it's important to source a rock that is hard, durable and not likely to breakdown over time when exposed to water. If you contact your local Holcim operation a sample can be provided prior to supply.

River gravels

River gravels can be either aggregates or roadbase materials. River gravels are a natural product sourced from old river streams formed many thousands of years ago, these river gravels are located in various regions throughout Australia. These products can be extracted without the traditional blasting of a traditional hard rock operation. The raw extracted material is then washed and graded to produce natural aggregates and sands that can be utilised in concrete production or roadbase for road construction.

River gravels have made a significant impact on the domestic and commercial landscape decorative markets with many projects utilising the larger graded products (40-80mm) for landscape features. A key requirement of these river gravels are their natural colours, they are distinctive and vary significantly throughout Australia.