Nerimbera Quarry

Holcim’s Nerimbera Quarry is located at Arnold Drive, Nerimbera, positioned to supply building and infrastructure projects in both the Livingstone Shire and Rockhampton Regional Council areas. 


The Quarry has been operational since the 1960s and is located within a Key Resource Area (KRA No. 21). As the primary hard rock resource in the area, the hard rock extracted from the Quarry is an essential element in the making of concrete (for footpaths, houses etc.), asphalt and other applications essential to our towns and cities.

The quarry supplies major projects including the Rockhampton Northern Access Upgrade and Yeppoon Bypass, as well as key local projects and operators, such as marinas, asphalt manufacturers, concrete suppliers, rail ballast and road repairs.

Holcim’s key customers in the region, who purchase hard rock, include Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Rail, Rockhampton Regional Council and Livingstone Shire Council as well as local construction companies who facilitate the development and maintenance of infrastructure, housing, and community assets in the region.

About the project

Holcim has undertaken a range of investigations throughout 2021 and 2022 in relation to the proposed extension of the Nerimbera Quarry.

Extending the quarry within Holcim’s land, rather than developing a new, greenfield quarry elsewhere, will minimise impacts to the environment and community, secure supply of high-quality quarry materials for the region, provide affordable quarry products and secure local jobs through local supply.

A development application for the extension project has been lodged with Livingstone Shire Council in November 2022. The application represents one of the primary approvals necessary for Holcim to proceed with the proposed quarry extension.

While an increased quarry footprint can be expected as a result of the extension, it is important to note the Quarry will:

  • maintain the existing maximum annual production volumes and existing operational hours;
  • not result in any increase of delivery vehicle volumes entering and exiting the Quarry;
  • incorporate water management, vegetated buffers and progressive rehabilitation; and
  • implement management and mitigation measures to ensure aspects of operations such as noise and air quality meet the objectives set by the State Government.

Since lodgement of the application, Holcim has been working with both the Livingstone Shire Council and relevant State Government departments to design the extension and associated mitigation and management measures. This work is ongoing with a view to optimise the Quarry’s operation while minimising potential impacts on the local community and environment.

As such, it is expected that the ‘public notification’ stage of the Development Application, required under the Planning Act 2016, will take place in 2024. During this stage, the community will be able to view the development application material and provide comments about the proposal prior to a decision being made.

Once the exact dates for public notification are confirmed, the details will be published on Holcim’s Nerimbera Quarry website, as well as the Livingstone Shire Council’s website.

Further details about the project can be found in the latest Project Factsheet:

Stay informed

Holcim is committed to engaging with stakeholders, including the local community, throughout the project. Key updates will be communicated through website updates and targeted engagement activities as the project scope is defined.

Should you wish to discuss the project further, please contact the Quarry Manager, Darren Dunn on the contact details listed below:

Darren Dunn
Nerimbera Quarry
Arnold Drive, Nerimbera QLD 4701

Phone 0419 477 700



Each year, Holcim contributes financial support and grants to the local community supporting clubs and schools and donates the use of the Old Nerimbera School buildings and facilities (owned by Holcim) to various community groups, the local police, youth programs and others on request. Holcim is committed to educating and engaging with the local community, operating with integrity, and championing sustainable business practices.