Welshpool Concrete Plant Upgrade


Holcim Concrete Australia (Holcim) is proposing a redevelopment of the existing Welshpool Concrete Plant located at 12 Cohn Street in Welshpool, within the Town of Victoria Park. Holcim’s existing Welshpool Concrete Plant is located within the Welshpool industrial area and is bordered by Briggs, Cohn and Raleigh Streets. It has been in operation at its current location since 1959.

Our Welshpool site is key to service the Perth Metro Area and support major infrastructure projects aligned with the State’s Covid-19 recovery plan with concrete products. Therefore, there is a need to upgrade the existing Welshpool plant to cater for this increased future demand with our batching plant at East Perth set to close in 2024 and to replace the Welshpool plant as it is at the end of its operational life.

What is Proposed?

The redevelopment will involve construction of a new concrete batch plant with a reconfigured plant layout within our existing site boundaries. The upgraded plant will have a design life of 50 years allowing for continuous upgrades. Specifically, similar to the existing plant, the upgraded plant will include: facilities for the storage for aggregate (sand, gravel, crushed stone, etc.) and the associated equipment for the supply of concrete to both engineering and architectural markets amenities, e.g. meeting and training rooms and kitchen facilities for the parking, garaging and washing out of agitators (concrete trucks) car parking for employees, production staff and visitors (29 parking spots).


Who is Holcim?

Holcim Australia is one of the country’s leading producers and suppliers of construction materials such as concrete and quarry products. Many of Australia’s most iconic landmarks have been built using our products, such as Australia’s Parliament House in Canberra and more locally, Perth Busport, Elizabeth Quay and Yagan Square.

The company has been serving the Australian construction industry since 1901, originally under the well-known brands Readymix, Cemex and Humes. Today Holcim operates across the Australian continent supplying construction materials from a network of more than 150 concrete plants, 900 mixer trucks, 60 operating quarries (an additional 25 non-operating quarries), 12 manufacturing plants and mobile and on site project facilities. Holcim has been located on the existing Briggs Road site for approximately 60 years.



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