Welshpool Concrete (Carlisle) WA

Holcim Australia (Holcim) is proposing a redevelopment of the existing Welshpool Concrete Plant located at 12 Cohn Street in Welshpool, within the Town of Victoria Park.


Holcim’s existing Welshpool Concrete Plant is located within the Welshpool industrial area and is bordered by Briggs, Cohn and Raleigh Streets. It has been in operation at its current location since 1959.


This site is key to servicing the Perth Metro Area including major infrastructure projects aligned with the WA COVID-19 recovery plan. The plant is at its end of operational life, so an upgrade is required to maintain concrete supply for homes, commercial development and critical state projects. 

What is Proposed?

The redevelopment will involve construction of a new concrete batching plant with a reconfigured plant layout within our existing site boundaries. The upgraded plant will have a design life of 50 years allowing for continuous upgrades. Specifically, similar to the existing plant, the upgraded plant will include: facilities for the storage for aggregate (sand, gravel, crushed stone, etc.) and the associated equipment for the supply of concrete to both engineering and architectural markets; amenities (meeting, training rooms and kitchen); facilities for the parking, garaging and washing out of agitators (concrete trucks); and car parking for employees, production staff and visitors.

The proposed upgrade of the 60 year old plant will improve outcomes for nearby residents by lifting the site to a more modern standard. Technical studies demonstrate there will be a reduction of existing environmental impacts spanning noise, traffic, visual amenity, dust, lighting, and water management.

Consultation with local residents and the Town of Victoria Park has resulted in changes to the proposal including retention of trees, increased noise mitigation and monitoring.

On 17 May 2021 a Joint Development Assessment Panel approved the application. For further details about Holcim's proposal, please visit the Town of Victoria Park website:

Who is Holcim?

Holcim is a leading supplier of aggregates, concrete, and concrete pipe and products. Many of Australia’s most iconic landmarks have been built using our products, such as Australia’s Parliament House in Canberra and more locally, Perth Busport, Elizabeth Quay (pictured) and Yagan Square.


Our proud history began in Australia in 1901, originally serving the industry under the well-known Readymix and Humes brands. Through our quarries, manufacturing and concrete operations we employ over 3,700 people directly and indirectly. We partner with customers on projects that range from small and local to the biggest, most technically challenging infrastructure endeavors to build the homes, towns and cities in which we live. Holcim has been located on the existing Briggs Road site for approximately 60 years.



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