Get more with less as Holcim Australia introduces DYNAMax high strength concrete

Today, Holcim introduces DYNAMax high strength concrete which combines traditional strength, performance, and quality properties with technical, innovation and service solutions to help dematerialise builds.

A 60-100+MPa high strength concrete, DYNAMax includes features such as strength, durability, stiffness, shrinkage and pumpability. Whether its use is for infrastructure and high rise residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, DYNAMax is the ultimate performance concrete for demanding construction projects.

DYNAMax can be used in a range of applications such as piling, precast, post tension, core and columns, foundations, and larger spans. It can also help with slender design or enable greater design freedom. Importantly, DYNAMax products are backed by a third party verified Environmental Product Declaration.

Holcim Australia Executive General Manager Greg Price said: “We are proud to launch DYNAMax high strength concrete which advances our global range of innovative building solutions to help you get more with less. Sustainability is at the core of our business and we recognise the impact our products have on the planet and this is embedded into our decision making.”

As sustainable construction becomes an increasing priority, DYNAMax can also help dematerialise builds. 

Edge Environment CEO Jonas Bengtsson said: “High strength concrete products, like DYNAMax, require significantly less concrete overall to support a given load, typically with clear embodied carbon savings. Dematerialisation and decarbonisation are widely recognised to helping achieve broader sustainability goals.”

Like most of Holcim’s products, DYNAMax also comes with the ability to offset embodied carbon using certified offsets through the Australian government Climate Active program. 

Additionally, DYNAMax is supported by Holcim’s unique service solution which can minimise disruptions and improve project delivery with key innovations including; an industry-first digital modelling tool, SMARTFLOW, which determines the pumpability and flowability of concrete for the most challenging builds; the ability to conduct maturity testing based on real-time digital monitoring of concrete strength and temperature with SMARTCAST; and a digital simulation to help with reliable curing without defects, THERMAL.