Precast Concrete You Can Trust

Humes FutureCast precast concrete is a construction solution designed to meet the demands of modern construction. With a focus on environmental transparency, FutureCast is setting a new standard for responsible construction materials.

Key Features of Humes FutureCast precast concrete:

Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCM)

The carbon intensity of precast concrete can be reduced by replacing the standard cement with alternative materials. These include industrial by-products like fly ash or blast furnace slag. FutureCast offers a minimum of 25% SCM. This can help reduce the impact of building and infrastructure construction projects.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

FutureCast comes with a product-specific EPD registered with EPD Australasia. This declaration provides transparent information about the environmental impact of the concrete, enabling informed decision-making during project planning and design stages.

Science-Based Emissions Reduction Targets

Holcim has committed to science-based emissions reduction targets for 2030 and 2050, validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). These targets ensure that Holcim’s operations align with international efforts to mitigate climate change, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Climate Active Carbon Offsetting Option

FutureCast offers an option to opt-in for a Climate Active(1) Carbon Offsetting service, allowing projects to offset the remaining carbon while also supporting investment in carbon offsetting projects.

I am proud to introduce FutureCast: the precast concrete range backed by third-party verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

George Agriogiannis| CEO Holcim Australia and New Zealand

Helping you understand the impact of the materials supplied into your projects

At Humes, transparency is core to achieving sustainability progress. That’s why we are committed to providing you with third-party verified EPDs that show comparable data of the environmental impact of our products.

EPDs are independently verified and registered documents that provide transparent and comparable data about the life-cycle environmental impact of products. Humes Precast and Prestressed Concrete Products EPD(2) and Humes Reinforced Concrete Pipe EPD(3) provides customers with the ability to understand the embodied carbon impact of the materials supplied into their projects.

With FutureCast you can:

  • Access transparent and comparable environmental data
  • Determine the embodied carbon impact of your precast concrete product
  • Maintain the same properties as conventional Humes precast concrete solutions

Why should you choose FutureCast?

  • Backed by an EPD providing impact transparency
  • Recognised benefits for Infrastructure Sustainability and Green Star rating criteria
  • Meet evolving tender and bid requirements
  • Same strength, same properties


What are carbon offsets and why are they important?

Carbon offsets are an opportunity to neutralise carbon emissions using offsets generated from activities that prevent, reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions from being released into the atmosphere. Offsets work by proportionately compensating for any carbon emissions.

How can FutureCast help me balance my carbon emissions?

FutureCast is our precast concrete products that come with a third-party verified EPD which allows you to determine the embodied carbon impact of your precast concrete product.

Why is FutureCast a good choice?

The FutureCast range is backed by third-party verified EPDs, providing you with transparent and comparable data of the environmental impact of our products.

Does FutureCast comply with AS1379 (Australian Standards)?

Yes, FutureCast precast concrete solution complies with AS1379.

Who can I talk to more about FutureCast?

Our specialist team is happy to discuss FutureCast further.

Contact us today on 1300 361 601


1. Holcim is certified under the Australian Government’s Climate Active program (https://climateactive.org.au/buy-climate-active/certified-members/holcim

2. Humes Precast and Prestressed Concrete Products EPD covers the vast majority of our product range. The only products that have been excluded are steel reinforced concrete pipes (these are covered by Humes EPD S-P-00998) and specialty products that contain significant quantities of other materials (i.e. metals other than reinforcing steel and various polymer materials) that are not covered in this EPD. Examples of such products are our standard HumeGard® and HumeCeptor® range as well as other products that can be lined.

3. Humes Reinforced Concrete Pipes EPD provides environmental indicators for Humes steel-reinforced concrete drainage pipes across all pipe production factories in Australia. Humes reinforced concrete pipes (RCPs) are manufactured across 10 factories around Australia to AS/NZS 4058:2007 Precast concrete pipes (pressure and non-pressure). The scope of this EPD is for RCPs used in non-pressure stormwater drainage applications only. Humes RCPs are manufactured with steel reinforced concrete and are available in a wide range of diameters, lengths and with varying strengths. Humes RCPs have a reference service life (W) of 100 years when installed in accordance with AS/NZS 3725:2007 Design for installation of buried concrete pipes.