Stormwater pits

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Modular Pit

Humes manufacture a wide range of custom and modular concrete stormwater pits; our range includes lids, grates and covers, base units and risers, and a variety of street furniture to suit different applications and local requirements. Our ability to customise components to suit each project provides design flexibility and economy for installers.

Humes can design and manufacture custom precast pits to suit individual pipeline requirements. Custom pits are available in a variety of sizes from 700 mm square to 2,100 mm plus - with pit depth and hole positions placed to suit each job and minimise construction time and on-site costs. Pits can be trafficable to SM 1600 highway load conditions, with common requirements for ground bearing capacity to be up to 150 kPa.

Modular pits are suitable for junction pits, kerb inlet pits and grated inlets, and are manufactured with knockouts on all four sides to allow for easy installation of pipes. Pits are available in standard pit sizes 450 mm square to 1,200 mm square, with a maximum pipe of DN900.

Our pit systems are fully compatible with our extensive range of stormwater pipes, kerb inlet systems and other drainage products.

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Custom Pit



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