The RainVault® mini system

The RainVault® mini system is a variation of the RainVault® model which offers a complete below ground rainwater harvesting system for storage capacities from 3,000L to 7,000L. The precast concrete system is vertically placed, with the only visible surface component being a small bolt down access chamber lid. Both systems contain an inbuilt high quality submersible Grundfos pump which is customised to suit the supply requirement of each project. 

The system provides a number of benefits:

  1. It is fully trafficable.
  2. It uses proven European technology for optimising water quality.
  3. It has an automatic backwashing device which eliminates maintenance.
  4. Its design prevents vandalism and fire.
  5. It has a bolt-down access lid which provides the ultimate in child safety.

With a minimum service life of 100 years in most ground conditions, the RainVault® mini system complies with all relevant Australian Standards including AS3600 - Concrete Structures Code', WSA128 Buried Rainwater Tanks for Storage of Roofwater' and HB230 Rainwater Tank Design and Installation Handbook'.