We strive to be responsible and ethical, providing good returns to our shareholder owners and safe and satisfying high performing workplaces for our employees. We are also committed to acting responsibly and working closely with our neighbours and local communities to make sure we are accepted as good citizens. As with most companies, it is the communities in which we operate that provide us with the right to do business.


Local support

Supporting the local communities in which we live and operate is core to Humes ethical and philanthropic principles. Each year, Holcim makes financial donations to community projects, educational activities and charitable institutions. In addition, Holcim businesses make numerous contributions to local communities and charitable organisations by supplying construction materials while our people contribute their time and labour.

Community based activities

Through open house days, site tours, community-based events like tree planting and educational/community partnerships, we aim to build strong relations with our communities. In Australia, Holcim also partners with the Beacon Foundation and Technical Aid to the Disabled (TAD).

The Beacon Foundation

We support the Beacon Foundation, which develops innovative approaches to resolve the problem of youth unemployment. Beacon works closely with communities: organising career workshops, encouraging mentoring programs, demonstrating practical solutions and even creating new enterprises. Communities are encouraged to see youth unemployment as their issue, to take responsibility and create solutions for young people, including long-lasting, sustainable jobs. Beacon is currently working with many schools around Australia. Holcim takes an active role in providing support for the students who take part in Beacon's programs.

Technical Aid to the Disabled

We are also a major supporter of Technical Aid to the Disabled (TAD). TAD aims to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities Australia-wide, including isolated and remote areas. Retired engineers or similarly skilled and experienced people give their time, skills, knowledge and tools to invent and build many one-off practical solutions to help make people's lives easier. Many Holcim people have been involved in TAD over the years.