Planning & approvals

Proposed operational improvements

At Beenleigh Quarry, Holcim has noticed a growing demand from customers for our construction materials. We have also received requests for the delivery of materials earlier or later than our current operating hours to meet customers’ project timeframes and also to avoid peak travel periods.

In response, we refreshed our development plan for the quarry and submitted a Development Application to Gold Coast City Council in April 2021 to enhance our quarry operations.

No increase in the size of the approved quarry extraction area or rock blasting activities are proposed.

The proposed improvements involve extending operating hours for sales, quarry operations and some maintenance activities. We also hope to consolidate the multiple existing planning approvals under which the site operates as part of the process.

More information about the proposed changes is provided in the fact sheet on this page. A copy of our Development Application is provided on Council’s website at Search for application number COM/2021/86.

Community members are welcome to contact the Quarry Manager, Beau Patton, during business hours by phone on 0448 243 591 or by email:

Community Enquiries

Beau Patton, Beenleigh Quarry Manager
134 Peachey Road, Luscombe QLD 4207
0448 243 591

Products and Sales

Phone 1300 555 277


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