About the rdc

The proposed Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) at Rooty Hill will consist of a rail siding where construction materials from quarries are unloaded from trains and transported to enclosed storage bins by conveyor belt. The materials will be sorted and blended as required by the customer, then loaded into trucks, which carry them to construction sites and concrete plants around Sydney.

The RDC will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most truck movements will occur between 6am and 6pm on weekdays and Saturdays, with a lower number of despatches outside of these hours to meet customer demands. Trucks will use dedicated roads within the industrial area to access the M7.

The initial plan contains such facilities as an office block, materials testing laboratory and ancillary facilities, storage bins and other storage areas for construction materials. Car and truck parking has been included on site. A concrete batching plant is also incorporated into the RDC.

<p>Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) at Rooty Hill, Sydney.</p>

<p>Rooty Hill RDC Development Site.</p>


Where is the RDC?

The site is at the end of Kellogg Road, Rooty Hill. The One Steel Mini Mill forms the site boundary to the west, Humes Pipe factory to the north, the railway and North Parade to the south, and Nurragingy Reserve to the east.

Why do we need the RDC?

Our industry provides society with essential construction materials that are utilised in building and maintaining Australia's infrastructure and built environment. Our products are used significantly across the construction industry in the sectors of residential, industrial, commercial and also general infrastructure. Sydney’s main local sources for construction materials, particularly at Penrith Lakes Development Corporation (PLDC) are being rapidly depleted. Production from the PLDC is expected to continue to gradually fall until closure of the operation around mid-2015.

In order to replace production from the PLDC scheme, Holcim is looking to source material from outside of the Sydney area. The proposed RDC at Rooty Hill would receive construction materials sourced from quarries outside the Sydney Basin, store and blend these materials and distribute them to customers in the Sydney market on a long-term basis.