Bridge and platform solutions

Prestressed decks and piles

The upgrade of Drummond Drive in Gympie, Queensland to Q100 flood levels includes a 12m single spam HumeDeck Modular Bridge over the Mary Valley Heritage Railway Line. 

Prestressed deck units, Prestressed piles and Large box culverts in Townsville, QLD

The Dalrymple Road Bridges project comprised of a new bridge structure where Dalrymple Road crosses the Bohle River, as well as construction of a second bridge over the adjacent overflow channel on the western side of the Bohle River. Both bridges were designed to accommodate a one in fifty year flood event. A large box culvert structure was also included in the drainage design.

Precast arches

Ipswich Motorway Upgrade, QLD

With impressive aesthetic and environmental benefits, and an efficient construction method, the Department of Transport and Main Roads chose to incorporate a Humes precast arch into the Wacol to Darra section of the Ipswich Motorway Upgrade.

Glenugie Upgrade, Pacific Highway - Precast arches

A customised arch structure solution built to withstand significantly high fill loads and minimise environmental impacts for local fauna was a key component of the Pacific Highway Glenugie Upgrade project.