The HumeCeptor® Class I system is an underground, modular, precast concrete stormwater treatment train that utilises hydrodynamic and gravitational separation to efficiently remove Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and entrained hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff.

Humes BEBO Precast Arch Systems

The fully pre-engineered precast structures are an efficient bridge and tunnel solution in the 5-30 meter span range. Humes have been the exclusive Australian manufacturer of BEBO™ arches since 1984 and has undertaken development work in consultation with the BEBO group and has extended the BEBO concept into a unique portfolio of arches.

Humes Two-Piece Precast Arch Systems – Installation

Humes manufactures an extensive range of precast concrete arch systems which may be used for bridges, underpasses, tunnels, mine portals and drainage culverts. The arches are installed on an in-situ concrete strip foundation and are placed end-to-end to form the desired structure length.