Rainvault® videos


RainVault® system animation

The RainVault® system is purpose-built to capture, treat, store and supply rainwater as an alternative to potable water for non-potable applications. This underground system offers great flexibility in its design with various configurations of its precast concrete barrels, and high performance pump and filtration systems. Its ability to retain above ground land use while storing water underground makes the RainVault® system a cost effective solution for commercial, industrial and large-scale residential projects.

RainVault® installation - Riverstone Crossing, QLD

A 1ML RainVault® system is used to irrigate one hectare of green spaces at Riverstone Crossing residential community. Stormwater is diverted from the main drainage system, through primary and secondary filters, stored in the RainVault® system providing a sustainable and cost effective water supply for the community.