Stormtrap® videos

StormTrap® System Introduction

The StormTrap® system is a purpose-built stormwater detention and infiltration solution that meets regulatory requirements while minimising the impact on land usability. It is the most cost effective, fully trafficable, below ground detention system on the Australian market today.

StormTrap® Legacy Way

A wrapped StormTrap® system was chosen as a water sump solution for Legacy Way in Brisbane because it could be adapted to meet complex requirements.

Fiona Stanley Hospital, WA

A progressive approach to this facility’s design, set new standards in conservation and environmental management which included the selection of six StormTrap® detention and infiltration systems, and a stormwater harvesting system.

Frank Mitchell Reserve, SA

This 574m2 system, partly on a concrete slab and partly on strip footings, was installed in just 2 days for the City of Charles Sturt, SA.

AV Jennings subdivision, QLD

The SingleTrap™ system was installed at Benheim Street residential development for AV Jennings.  The entire installation took 4 hours and was for stormwater detention purposes. 

ABC news story - StormTrap® installation – Darling Street, Melbourne

A 450,000 litre StormTrap® system and a HumeGard® Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) were installed at Darling Street, East Melbourne for the Melbourne City Council. The system is expected to harvest 20 ML of stormwater annually.