Dcc partnership strengthens holcim’s diversity strategy


4 September 2017 – Holcim Australia is proud to announce a partnership with DCC Jobs, an employment platform designed to support women find jobs in the workplace.

DCC Jobs provides women with access to employer information not available anywhere else.  As an endorsed employer with DCC Jobs, Holcim met a strict criteria benchmark where paid parental leave, flexible working arrangements, pay equity, employee engagement scores plus much more were reviewed.

Garth Quinn, national recruitment and retention manager for Holcim said becoming a qualified partner with DCC held a range of benefits for Holcim in achieving our diversity ambitions.

“Our partnership with DCC offers us an opportunity to reach a different pool of candidates who we aren't reaching through traditional sourcing methods such as Seek. This channel fits well with our focus on diversity in Holcim.”

With the Holcim profile now added to DCC’s website, the next step, beginning in early September, will see us utilising DCC’s advertising channels to attract women across Australia to our organisation.