5 Essential Things You Need to Know When Ordering Premixed Concrete

27 May 2019

A guide to ordering premixed concrete from Holcim – Perfecting a concrete pour demands experience, skill and careful coordination of supply and installation. And getting this delicate balance right begins at the point of ordering. 

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Providing specific details when ordering premixed concrete achieves the best possible outcome.

Every batch of concrete to leave a Holcim plant is designed and mixed to the exact requirements for each job. This takes into consideration everything from aggregate size and strength grade to distance to the job site and weather conditions on the day of the pour.

To ensure each project achieves the best possible outcome, it is important for customers to provide specific details at the time of ordering premixed concrete. This information is combined with the minimum requirements for concrete specification, set out by the Australian Standard AS 1379: Specification and supply of concrete.

Orders for standard premixed concrete are classified as ‘normal class’ concrete. Cement Concrete and Aggregate Australia’s (CCAA) Ordering Premixed Concrete guide states normal-class concrete is the most commonly used concrete nationally, and each order requires selection of specific parameters. Orders for special-class mixes, which are those with colour, drying, aggregate specifications and other requirements outside of the normal class range, should first be discussed with a Holcim Customer Service Centre officer to ensure we provide the best solution for the project.

This article is designed to help guide customer considerations when ordering premixed concrete from Holcim.



Taking all of the above information into account when placing your concrete order will help us to streamline your delivery and ensure you have the best possible outcome on your pour.

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