5 Essential Things You Need to Know When Ordering Premixed Concrete

A guide to ordering premixed concrete from Holcim – Perfecting a concrete pour demands experience, skill and careful coordination of supply and installation. And getting this delicate balance right begins at the point of ordering. 

Providing specific details when ordering premixed concrete achieves the best possible outcome.

Every batch of concrete to leave a Holcim plant is designed and mixed to the exact requirements for each job. This takes into consideration everything from aggregate size and strength grade to distance to the job site and weather conditions on the day of the pour.

To ensure each project achieves the best possible outcome, it is important for customers to provide specific details at the time of ordering premixed concrete. This information is combined with the minimum requirements for concrete specification, set out by the Australian Standard AS 1379: Specification and supply of concrete.

Orders for standard premixed concrete are classified as ‘normal class’ concrete. Cement Concrete and Aggregate Australia’s (CCAA) Ordering Premixed Concrete guide states normal-class concrete is the most commonly used concrete nationally, and each order requires selection of specific parameters. Orders for special-class mixes, which are those with colour, drying, aggregate specifications and other requirements outside of the normal class range, should first be discussed with a Holcim Customer Service Centre officer to ensure we provide the best solution for the project.

This article is designed to help guide customer considerations when ordering premixed concrete from Holcim.


1. Order in advance

To ensure your local Holcim plant has adequate time to prepare premixed concrete to meet your requirements, place your order at least one week (7 days) prior to the delivery date (this will vary according to the level of demand the various plants and regions are experiencing). 

All orders are subject to availability, and orders that require testing should have testing booked at the time the original order is placed. Short notice orders will be considered on a case by case basis, dependent on availability. Delivery schedules are finalised by 3pm local time the day prior to delivery, so any orders booked after 3pm may not be delivered until the next available delivery date (this will be subject to demand and available capacity). 

Any orders cancelled or changed after 3pm may incur a cancellation fee. Weekend and night deliveries can also be ordered on request, but advanced notice is required. Testing requirements need to be advised at the placement of the original order. Confirmation of order detail and testing will be made 24 hours before delivery. Holcim will confirm the order detail and any testing requirements, 24 hours before the order is scheduled for delivery.

2. Know the quantity of concrete you require

There are several factors to consider when calculating the volume of concrete for your order. Estimates should be based on site measurements rather than drawings or plans, and allowances made for on-site wastage. Orders should also factor in variations in slab thickness, distortion of formwork, over excavation, un-compacted sand, and uneven sub-grade levels. Plus or balance loads are subject to truck availability and may incur additional fees.


3. Specify strength, slump and aggregate size

A standard strength grade of N20, N25, N32, N40 or N50 should be specified. Strength grades above 50 are considered Special Class concrete. Please contact the Holcim Customer Service Centre or your Account Manager to discuss before placing an order for Special Class Concrete.

An aggregate size of 20mm is supplied as standard, unless 10mm or 14mm aggregate sizes are specified. Aggregate size can also be determined by placement method, reinforcement spacing and concrete element thickness.

The required slump between 20mm to 120mm should also be specified to achieve the required concrete workability. The higher the slump, the more workable the concrete. A slump test is recommended to assess slump precisely, however final results can vary 20mm above or below the requested slump. Pumping, site practices and placing demands often require higher slumps, and complex formwork or congested reinforcement may need higher slump to enable placement and compaction. Water should not be added to the concrete on site to increase slump, as this can compromise concrete quality.


4. Know your method and rate of placement

When designing the concrete mix, Holcim needs to know the method that will be used to place the concrete, such as a chute or pump, the type of pump and size and length of the line.

The rate of concrete placement should also be specified so Holcim can plan production and schedule deliveries to match. Pump placement and accessibility also need to be considered. Also the size of truck and traffic management should be planned to ensure there are no delays on the day of the pour. Safe site access must be considered. This includes consideration of the size of the delivery truck and traffic management planning to ensure there are no delays on the day of the pour. Pump placement and accessibility also need to be considered.


5. Placing and tracking your order

To place an order for premixed concrete, call the Holcim Customer Service Centre on 13 11 88 and provide the following information:

  • Holcim account name, quote number, or project card number
  • Purchase order number
  • Site contact name and number
  • The mix or mixes required
  • The volume in cubic metres (m³) required
  • Supply rate – How fast would you like the concrete delivered
  • Method of placement: pump or off chute
  • Accurate delivery address
  • Any special instructions for the truck driver

You can track the progress of your Holcim order using the Holcim Track My Order app. The app allows customers to track their Holcim concrete delivery in real time, while providing a series of alerts so you can get on with the job and prepare for the pour. Customers can view the status of all pending and confirmed orders due for delivery in the next 14 days.



Taking all of the above information into account when placing your concrete order will help us to streamline your delivery and ensure you have the best possible outcome on your pour.

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Further information on our new and innovative Track My Order app that will help you streamline your Holcim Concrete order deliveries and maintain an overview of all your current jobs.