The production of sands is a specialty area that Holcim has developed over many years.

These applications include drainage filter sand, decorative sand, road sand, concrete sand and horse ménage sand. These products are only a sample of the diverse range of sand products available throughout our Australian operations.


Ménage sand is very fine washed processed sand without stone. Holcim has a wide variety of sands available including ménage sand which is suitable for use in construction of horse arenas and training rings. Please contact your local quarrying operation for further details.




Customer enquiries

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Safety Data Sheets

  • Holcim Aggregate Products (SDS) (pdf, 294.1 KB)
  • Holcim Dried Sand Products (SDS) (pdf, 298.52 KB)
  • Holcim Glass Grade Silica Sand (SDS) (pdf, 265.14 KB)
  • Holcim Graded Sand & Gravel Products (SDS) (pdf, 266.29 KB)
  • Holcim Milled Silica Products (SDS) (pdf, 308.34 KB)
  • Holcim Silica Sand (SDS) (pdf, 289.94 KB)
  • Holcim Recycled Aggregates (SDS) (pdf, 213.25 KB)
  • Holcim Wet Sand Products (SDS) (pdf, 298.38 KB)
  • Holcim Precast Concrete Products & Pipes (SDS) (pdf, 292.23 KB)

Terms & conditions

  • Terms & conditions of sale (buying from Holcim Australia) (pdf, 142.39 KB)
  • Terms of credit (pdf, 75.82 KB)