Specifiers (Specialty Products)

We have a range of unique products that have been formulated to fit their specific applications. Some of Holcim special applications include armouring, rail ballast and beaching material.



Ongoing climate change has forced the continuous evolution in the way we construct buildings and landscapes. Weatherproofing and natural barriers need to be created to prevent coastal and river erosion.

Armour rock is produced with specific objectives outlined in each specification. The product typically ranges in size from 200mm-1.0m dependent on each specification. The planning and consultative process with our quarrying operations will ensure the delivery on time and within budget.

Rail ballast

Holcim is a leading supplier of rail ballasts in Australia, working closely with customers, consultants and specifiers to best suit their needs.

Rail ballast is a specifically engineered product designed to support railway sleepers underneath a rail line. The product is produced to a high performance specification, and only a limited number of aggregate operations are able to meet these specifications.

Delivery of this product is either by rail or road, dependent on each quarrying operation.

Beaching material

Dramatic changes in weather patterns have forced clients to consider options for soil retention and embankment erosion protection. This can apply to both small scale domestic properties to large scale waterways - where soil erosion and stability are a requirement. The management and treatment of water facilities requires local water boards and contractors to seek beaching products.

We aim to provide cost-effective, quality options to help with the management of erosion for our clients.

The typical sizing of beaching material ranges from 150-300mm and is readily available at most Holcim operations. Beaching material for specific applications should be in close consultation with your local Holcim representative.