Architectural / Decorative Concrete

Holcim Geostone architectural or decorative concrete can be used inside or out in both domestic homes and commercial buildings. Our decorative range combines the durability of traditional concrete products with an unrivalled choice of exciting colours and contemporary finishes. Outdoors, think wide open spaces, courtyards, driveways and pool surrounds. Indoors, imagine entertainment rooms, wet areas or inner sanctums.

Sunshine Coast Viewing Platform

When supplying concrete to a viewing platform at Alexandra Headland on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, you have to begrudgingly accept that you are not the main attraction. Notwithstanding, the concrete is the platform for the platform and that makes it fundamental to the design and aesthetics. Geostone’s Shelley mix has been used to its beachside best and we think the view only gets better with Geostone.  

Pallium Way

Look no further for driveway inspiration. This bespoke mix from Geostone is the perfect example of how you can turn your driveway into a feature that adds so much value to your home. Whilst popular across the country, the spiritual home of the decorative concrete driveway is in the West. For over two decades, concreters and builders in Perth have been leading the way in the exposed driveway space.

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