Special Applications

Here at Holcim, we are solution-orientated. As one of Australia's largest concrete suppliers, we have the experience and knowledge to help customers find the right solution for your special needs.


As a result of continual feedback, we have developed, in addition to our decorative, high performance and standard concretes, a range of special applications which are as follows:

Set control

Special products that have been created for early set or retarded set for optimised construction applications.

Fibre reinforced concrete

Special products for limiting risk of plastic cracking (polypropylene fibres) or replacing steel reinforcement (steel fibres).

Structural fill

Materials that are easily transported to site for backfill and other fill type applications.

Sustainable development

Special products for meeting and exceeding specifications and requirements for eco-friendliness.


Special products for sprayed concrete applications such as swimming pools.

Flowable concrete

Concrete for high-workability and easy placement.



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