Checklist for ordering concrete


Checklist for ordering concrete

The following information will be requested when ordering concrete:

Given Name: _________________________ Phone: _________________________
Family Name: _________________________ Site Located: _________________________
Organisation: _________________________ Mobile: _________________________

Project address:
Street No: _________________________ Street: _________________________
Suburb: _________________________ Post
Quote No (if applicable): _________________________    

Order details:
Strength: _________________________ Volume: _____________m3
Grade: _________________________ Maximum Aggregate Size: _____________mm
Slump: _____________mm    
Day & Date concrete required: _________________________
Time first load required: _________________________
Truck intervals: _________________________
Payment method: Cheque Credit Card Account  

Other considerations:
  • has truck access been checked
  • has pump been organised (if applicable)
  • have concreters been organised
  • in calculating volume required has allowance been made for wastage and variations in dimensions
  • have vibrators been organised to consolidate concrete
  • has curing been planned
  • have effects of weather been considered
    • cold weather: slower set rate
    • hot weather: accelerated rate, plastic shrinkage cracking
    • wind: plastic shrinkage cracking
    • rain: effect on finish