Holcim Australia and FMD join forces to accelerate decarbonisation strategy


Global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions, Holcim, and Foton Mobility Distribution (FMD), an Australian owned distributor of new energy efficient vehicles, announce they have entered into an agreement to trial the Foton e-AUMAN C EV concrete truck in Australia. 

The Foton EV truck will undergo a rigorous 6-month trial by Holcim Australia at a remote mine site near Port Hedland in Western Australia, where it will be exposed to extreme operating conditions. The trial will enable both parties to test the viability, reliability and performance of the truck under the unique operating requirements of ready-mix concrete distribution.

Cyril Giraud, Head of Sustainability at Holcim Australia and New Zealand said, “The initiative is aligned to Holcim’s global Accelerating Green Growth strategy. It serves as a local example of Holcim’s commitment to investing in zero emissions vehicles, thereby helping to reduce environmental impacts while delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers.”

If successful and approved under Australian Design Rules (ADR) for public road use, the trial paves the way for Holcim to deliver its ECOPact low-carbon concrete products more sustainably, further assisting its customers to achieve their own climate targets.

“By replacing one diesel concrete truck with an EV we will eliminate approximately 42 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each and every year. This equates to a fuel cost saving in excess of $33,000 per annum, before further savings are extracted via lower service and maintenance costs,” said Mr Giraud.

For its part, FMD will gain valuable insights into the performance of its larger zero emissions trucks, having already achieved market leadership in the EV Light Duty truck sector.

Neil Wang, FMD’s CEO said, “Working with the Holcim team has been extremely enjoyable and very educational, helping us to better understand our customers’ requirements. We are looking forward to a successful trial in the harshest operating conditions in Australia, and to the valuable operational data that will enable further improvements to be made to our products.”

“The introduction of the Foton EV Concrete truck to the Australian market via this trial is the forerunner of a number of new and exciting Foton New Energy vehicles which will be introduced in 2024 in support of the transition to Net Zero. We look forward to assisting Holcim in its Accelerating Green Growth Strategy.” 

Holcim is accelerating green growth for people and the planet. “For us, building progress means providing low-carbon products and reducing our operational impact on the environment. Working together with Foton we are providing our customers with more options to help decarbonise the built environment.” said Mr Giraud.

Over the past year, Holcim Australia has been actively working towards decarbonising its fleet operations by conducting trials on battery-powered heavy vehicles. 


About Holcim

Holcim builds progress for people and the planet. As a global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions, Holcim is enabling greener cities, smarter infrastructure and improving living standards around the world. With sustainability at the core of its strategy Holcim is becoming a net zero company, with its people and communities at the heart of its success. Holcim Australia is a leading supplier of aggregates, concrete, and precast concrete products: www.holcim.com.au

About FMD

FMD are the exclusive Australian Distributors of a range of class Leading Foton “New Energy” commercial vehicles, including Light and Heavy Duty Battery Electric trucks and buses, as well as Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses and Trucks. Foton’s T5 Light Duty Electric truck is the market leader in its category: www.fotonmobility.com.au

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