Holcim Australia launches inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Leading global building materials supplier, Holcim Australia today launched its ‘Reflect’ RAP.  CEO George Agriogiannis confirmed his employees are joining more than 2.3 million people now working or studying in an organisation with a RAP, advancing key pillars of reconciliation - respect, relationships and opportunities.

“Holcim has operated in Australia for more than 100 years and today runs more than 250 sites which generate building materials that support construction of new homes, hospitals, schools and roads. Today we acknowledge our commitment to reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as our employees, customers, contractors, suppliers and the traditional owners of the lands upon which we operate,” said Mr Agriogiannis.

Wiradjuri artist Nanii Davies was commissioned to tell Holcim’s story

Wiradjuri artist Nanii Davies was commissioned to help Holcim tell its reconciliation story and connection to the land.
“I felt proud when Holcim came to me to collaborate on the artwork for their first Reconciliation Action Plan. The Story of the Land is a visual narrative showing Holcim’s reconciliation journey, their commitment to their employees, Australian communities, their environmental preservation and sustainability initiatives. My artwork shows how this journey connects with our traditional lands, animals and First Nation people,” said Ms Davies.

Holcim Ltd was the first in its sector to commit to 2030 and 2050 validated net-zero targets across its operations and the value chain of its products. Last year a nature-positive strategy was launched with measurable 2030 biodiversity and water targets.

In 2021 Holcim Australia released their green concrete range, ECOPact and ECOPact Zero, to reduce carbon during construction. Building on these initiatives in 2022 they announced new partnerships with Greening Australia and in New Zealand, with Trees that Count, to boost native plantings which can improve biodiversity and land quality.

Today’s launch is aligned to Holcim Australia’s diversity and inclusion initiatives and the Holcim Ltd 2030 People Strategy which includes targets of bridging the housing and infrastructure gap, improving livelihoods and upholding human rights.

Holcim has developed this Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to formalise our commitment to reconciliation and to build on the work that’s already been done to establish and maintain sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the communities in which we operate.

Our Reconciliation Vision

Our vision is a reconciled Australia that recognises and respects the histories, cultures and customs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and provides opportunities to support social thriving and economic independence.