Beenleigh Quarry Rejuvenates Protected Plant Species

Ensuring “no net loss” of a vulnerable plant species

Dedication and teamwork have been the driving forces behind the Beenleigh Quarry team’s successful completion of the Protected Plant Project, ensuring a “no net loss” of a vulnerable plant species, the Slender Milkvine.

Beginning in 2019, more than 120 Slender Milkvines were identified within an area of Beenleigh Quarry designated for clearing to remediate the Southern Slip, as well as in smaller sections within the Quarry footprint. 

Securing a permit for the remediation works came with a crucial commitment from Holcim: translocate the plants to the Southern Lands and achieve “no net loss”. This meant that for every plant lost during the translocation process, a replacement had to be successfully established.

With limited knowledge about the Slender Milkvine, it was uncertain whether we could ensure the survival of this delicate species, enabling it to thrive. However, through an effective partnership between our Beenleigh Quarry team, and our consultant, Biodiversity Assessment and Management Pty Ltd, we have turned this vision into reality.

Michelle Williams| Production Manager, Beenleigh Quarry

“Selecting a suitable translocation site was no small feat. The chosen location needed to support the species' specific requirements while avoiding any disruption to future operations. Each plant was carefully moved by hand, a meticulous process made even more challenging by the intricate root system of the Slender Milkvine, which thrives in rocky soils.”

After four years, the population of Slender Milkvines in the new habitat area has been established to achieve “no net loss” of this species at the Beenleigh Quarry. The positive outcome for both the natural environment and the Quarry is a testament to the environmental commitment and leadership of the team.

Reflecting on the initiative, Michelle remarked, “This project exemplifies what can be achieved when passion meets perseverance. Our team's dedication and the support from Biodiversity Assessment and Management have been instrumental in reaching this incredible milestone. The Slender Milkvine's survival is such an important environmental achievement for us all and a wonderful example of what we can achieve when we work together.”

Holcim globally is committed to making a measurable positive impact on biodiversity and replenishing the freshwater we use. Our nature-positive strategy places Holcim Group among the top 1% of the 500 largest global companies with science-driven biodiversity targets. By 2030, we aim to replenish freshwater in water-risk areas and reduce water intensity across all product lines. 

We will also integrate nature-based solutions in our products to address urban challenges such as the Urban Heat Island Effect, biodiversity loss, and water pollution.

The successful completion of the Beenleigh Quarry Protected Plant Project further showcases our ability to balance operational needs with ecological preservation, reinforcing our dedication to protecting vulnerable species and their habitats.

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