Marine concrete


Concrete exposed to sea water is susceptible to its corrosive effects. The effects are more pronounced above the tidal zone than where the concrete is permanently submerged and if not adequately designed and specified, the durability of reinforced concrete structural elements exposed to marine conditions can be severely compromised.

Having extensive experience in the field, at Holcim we can provide up-to-date information of the typical mix design parameters that are specified for marine concrete and common criteria used to assess durability performance.

Marine concretes are a range of mixes designed to reduce corrosion of steel reinforcement in marine (high chloride) environments. Marine concretes are required under standards to have a design life of approximately 50 years with a 50mm cover for reinforcement.

Concretes typically achieve 60MPa compressive strengths (28 days) with reduced creep and shrinkage with final slumps in the order of 120 + 30mm. Marine concrete designs are continuously optimised to provide the best concrete using locally available materials.