Holcim receives Climate Active certification to sell carbon neutral products


In exciting sustainability news, this month Holcim received certification from Climate Active to sell carbon neutral products.

Climate Active is a program administered by the Australian Federal Government to support businesses committed to sustainability, innovation and industry leadership to drive voluntary climate action.

This follows the Australian-first milestone with the registration of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for our ready-mix concrete range known as ViroDecs in 2019, where the EPD quantified the greenhouse gas emissions involved in the creation of Holcim’s ready-mix concrete through the entire supply chain, otherwise known as ‘embodied carbon’.

The Climate Active certification enables Holcim to offset the embodied carbon of its ready-mix concrete on behalf of its customers on an opt-in basis through a transparent, third party assured process resulting in carbon neutral ready-mix concrete.

“Holcim is focusing on being a trusted solutions provider supporting customers to transition towards sustainable construction and a low carbon economy. Carbon neutrality is a significant step towards achieving these ambitious goals,” says Cyril Giraud, National Development & Sustainability Manager.  

Holcim’s sustainability objectives don’t stop at embodied carbon. We are also focusing on biodiversity, water consumption and circular economy, among other initiatives, in a holistic approach to deliver maximum benefits for communities in the built environment. 




What is the Climate Active certification?

Climate neutral certification confirms that a carbon neutral claim is based on best practice, international standards and represents genuine emissions reduction.

Climate Active has a Network of Members who have achieved this certification (of their products, services or organisation) through rigorous process and testing. This means that these certified organisations and their customers can be sure they are genuinely carbon neutral.

Buying and using products and services that have been certified carbon neutral is a form of positive climate action.


How does carbon offsetting work?

Carbon offsetting is a way for organisations to cancel out carbon emissions they are not able to completely eliminate, by investing in projects that reduce or remove emissions.

Holcim ViroDecs™

Environmental Product Declarations are a first for Australian concrete – and support customers wanting to be leaders in the sustainable infrastructure and building industry.

An edge for industry

Holcim is proud to launch ViroDecsTM, our new brand for our range of ready-mix concrete represented by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Public Disclosure Statement for Climate Active certification