Bridge and platforms

Humes provide a wide range of bridging and platform solutions including precast arches, large box culverts, precast modular beams, planks and decking units, and prestressed concrete component bridges.

The flexibility of Humes’ bridge solutions allows for the easy adaptation of standard unit sections, providing a choice of geometric envelopes to meet access and waterway requirements 2-38m span.

Humes also offer an extensive range of finishes, from brick or stone textured patterns, to sophisticated custom designed artwork.

Humes precast arch system is unparalleled in its ability to deliver a high performance, and cost effective bridge solution with excellent visual appeal.

The HumeDeck® modular bridge system is the perfect solution for small to medium span bridges.

This precast concrete bridge solution is commonly used in country areas where council timber bridge replacement projects are undertaken.

Humes manufacture a wide range of prestressed bridge componentry to meet road and rail authority specifications (rectangular precast concrete section and hexagonal prestressed units).

Box culverts are an ideal solution for instant bridging for pedestrian, fauna and stock crossings under road and rail applications.

The HumeSlab® decking system is a unique formwork solution that combines precast concrete panels with an in-situ concrete topping.

Humes manufactures an extensive range of precast concrete arch systems which may be used for bridges, underpasses, tunnels, mine portals and drainage culverts. The arches are installed on an in-situ concrete strip foundation and are placed end-to-end to form the desired structure length.