Box culverts


Box culverts are an ideal solution for instant bridging for pedestrian, fauna and stock crossings under road and rail applications. Humes precast concrete box culverts are also suitable for difficult site conditions as installation requires minimal excavation and backfill.

Our design team can customise culvert designs to cast additional items, such as ferrules, openings and penetrations into place to increase the efficiency of your project installation. The basic box culvert is available as an inverted 'U' on a concrete base foundation (crown type), or as a 'U' shaped trough with a lid (invert type). Link and base slabs are also available for both single and multi cell configurations.

Humes manufacture a full range of box culvert and uni-culvert sizes (from 300mm to 6,600mm) and configurations to Australian Standards AS1597 (parts one and two). Box culverts are generally available in standard lengths of 1.22m and 2.46m (or 1.2m and 2.4m QLD). In many cases Humes has the facility to manufacture larger span and leg heights beyond those indicated in the Australian Standards. Humes also manufacture custom designs such as splayed box culverts, post-tensioning stressing etc.