Gates and floodgates

Hume-King floodgate (also known as reflux valve or tidal flap).

A Hume-King floodgate (also known as reflux valve or tidal flap) is an end-of-line, non-return valve type device which helps to protect a pipeline from tidal inundation, the entry of debris, entry by animals and vermin, and backflow into pipes.

The floodgates provide a number of benefits for pipeline management:

  • Their high chemical resistance (to organic solvents, acids, alkalis, and salt water) provides a non-corrosive, durable pipeline solution.
  • They provide a seal on the minimal vertical end of the pipeline as the mounting pin (located behind the sealing surfaces) creates a moment-arm to hold the gate closed.
  • They are not affected by sunlight and will not warp in service.
  • They have slight negative buoyancy.
  • They are manufactured from materials with low salvage value to discourage vandalism.

The floodgates are moulded from fibreglass reinforced polyester, with high tensile 316 stainless steel built-in hinges, and replaceable neoprene sealing rings.

Floodgates are available to suit Humes' standard pipe diameters, in a mounting-ring style for smaller diameter pipes, and a bolt-on style for 1,050mm - 1,800mm diameter pipes. For non-standard applications Humes can manufacture a specific floodgate to suit your needs.