Irrigation pipe - standard


Rubber ring jointed pipes are recommended for irrigation applications where a pressure tight joint seal is required. Humes steel reinforced concrete irrigation pipes are available in two joint options; a belled socket joint, for 300mm to 1,800mm diameter pipes, and an in-wall joint for pipes up to 3,600mm diameters (to accommodate the greater pipe wall thickness). While these joints are watertight they can provide a small amount of deflection, without compromising the joint integrity. Pipes are also capable of receiving up to a 90kPa pressure rating within their joint and pipe barrel.

The inherent strength and durability of Humes' concrete pipes delivers a long term asset for any land holder, with a virtually unlimited service life for most common installations.

Typically irrigation pipes are required to be of high strength and Humes frequently manufacture non-standard class pipes to satisfy the requirements of specific projects. Pipelines under large embankments can range from class 2 to class 10 pipes.

There are many variables that need to be taken into account to determine the correct class loading for a pipeline. 'PipeClass' design software has been purpose-designed to help calculate the required pipe class for individual projects.

For a free copy of the software please visit the Concrete Pipe Association of Australia (CPAA) web site at for an immediate download.