Corrosion protection


Extra cover to reinforcement

Adding extra cover increases protection when the system’s designer has little or no information to carry out a detailed pipe system analysis. The cover can be increased from a nominal standard to lengthen the life of the pipe by up to two times.

Calcareous aggregate

Manufacturing concrete pipes from calcium rich aggregate such as limestone, increases resistance to acidic corrosion, by inhibiting the progress of the chemical attack. It is most effective when incorporated as a sacrificial layer and can lengthen the pipe life by up to two times.

Corrosion protection linings

Lining systems are able to bridge any discontinuities in the pipe/structure wall, which is a distinct advantage over coating systems which depend on the integrity of the surface for functionality.
Humes supplies two thermoplastic linings to prevent sulphide attack/corrosion in sewage applications:

HDPE lining 

High density polyethylene (HDPE) lining suits both precast and in-situ applications. Firmly anchored to the pipe, the lining forms a superior protective layer able to withstand both abrasion and harsh chemical environments. This material is available in a variety of colours, including pale colours which allow easy visual inspection. HDPE lining is available in 2 mm to 5 mm thicknesses in sheets up to 3 m wide.

Plastiline® lining

This chemically inert plasticised PVC material is mechanically fixed to the pipe’s internal surface during the manufacturing process and gives superior protection against chemical attack inside the pipe. Plastiline® lining has been in use across Australia for over 45 years, is easy to weld and is suitable for both precast and in-situ applications.