Turnout bearers

Humes can manufacture a wide range of turnout bearers, including conventional flat and canted, tangential, diamond, crossover, scissor, single and double slip, dual gauge, catchpoint, flangeway running bearers and concrete cant reducing bearers.

Each set of turnout bearers are made to a unique design provided by the client. The number of bearers in each set varies widely - some sets may only have 10 bearers while others may have as many as 130 bearers.


Humes has over 50 years experience in the provision of prestressed and precast concrete railway sleepers for heavy haulage, mainline, secondary and high speed tracks across Australia. We provide a range of standard, dual and narrow gauge sleepers for applications including grain, electrical, transponder, pedestrian, transition and DED sleepers.

Crossing panels

Humes can supply level crossing panels to suit standard and narrow gauge tracks. Crossing panels are suitable only for low volume and low speed applications such as access tracks and rail yards where traffic is required to stop prior to proceeding over the crossing. These products are not recommended for use on public roads. 

Crossing panels are supplied in 1,820 mm length modules which can be assembled to the length required. Each module consists of one inner panel and two outer panels.

Ballast kerbs

Ballast kerbs are designed to retain the ballast from falling off the edge of box culverts once the rail line is installed. They measure 150 mm thick with a height of either 450 mm or 600 mm and a length to suit the box culvert. The ballast kerb also includes voids at the base for drainage and cast in holes for bolting to kerb brackets.