Irrigation and rural


Humes provide cost effective and robust solutions for a variety of irrigation and rural needs.

Irrigation pipe - standard

Rubber ring jointed pipes are recommended for irrigation applications where a pressure tight joint seal is required.
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Humes has developed a bolt-together headwall system which allows for great variation in headwall sizing.
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Gates and floodgates

A Hume-King floodgate is an end-of-line, non-return valve which helps to protect a pipeline from tidal inundation, the entry of debris, entry by animals and vermin and backflow into pipes.
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Drop box structures

A drop box structure enables irrigators to move water from tail water return drains into channels and then to on-farm storage. Units can be manufactured to suit any project, with various heights, and the placement of side voids to accommodate pipes.

Mann irrigation pits

Mann irrigation pits are designed to house electromagnetic meters which monitor the flow of water in an irrigation system.
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Channel checks

A channel check enables irrigators to regulate or stop the flow of an irrigation channel. As a bolt-on system these units can be installed in a variety of configurations.


Humes offer a range of stock troughs in various shapes and sizes, including an interlocking system to enable continuous troughing to suit a variety of feedlot layouts. We also supply a large range of brass fittings, valves and floats.