Maintenance shafts


The QuickTee® maintenance shaft is a 600mm diameter vertical shaft for non worker-entry to the sewerage system to introduce inspection (CCTV) and maintenance equipment. The shaft provides a complete system from base to finished surface level:

  • Effective heights from 1,035mm to 5,500mm.
  • A robust design for fast installation using ordinary backfill material and techniques.
  • The ability to accommodate traffic loadings and construction in roadways.
  • The provision of inline storage in the event of system surcharge.
  • High quality, high strength precast concrete for maximum service life.
  • Precisely engineered HumSeal® joints for watertight performance (tested to 90 kPa).
  • An innovative base design to ensure efficient hydraulic performance.
  • A small site footprint for installation in areas congested with other services.

The HumeSeal® joint is a patented mechanical coupling system designed for fast, efficient and watertight jointing of UPVC pipe (100mm-225mm) into precast or in-situ structures. The joint will accommodate a 90 kPa pressure differential and remain watertight with up to 17° of angular deflection.