PipeClass, Version 2.0

PipeClass is a Windows-based software for the design of Steel Reinforced Concrete Pipelines.

It includes the following features:

  • Project Based - Supports multiple-pipe designs and allows those designs to be saved within one project file. Step-through design wizard simplifies the design process.
  • Live Load Feature - Design for long-term live loads and short-term construction loads with the flexibility of user-defined vehicles. Multiple construction loads can be checked and displayed graphically to truly represent the live load on pipe installations.
  • Installation Specification - Generic specifications can be generated to aid designers in the appropriate specification of backfill requirements to AS 3725.
  • Output Options - Output detailed design calculations to hard copy or pdf for ease of electronic transfer. Trench installation drawings can be converted to dxf or bmp format for inclusion into drawings. Construction load information and installation specifications can be printed or exported in Word/Excel format for inclusion into job specifications.
PCSWMM software

PCSWMM software for the HumeCeptor® system is the decision support tool used for identifying the appropriate model for your project.

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