Precast arches

Humes' precast arch system is unparalleled in its ability to deliver a high performance, and cost effective bridge solution with excellent visual appeal.

Humes have been the exclusive Australian manufacturer of BEBO™ arches since 1984. The arch units are ideal for a wide variety of bridge structures, offering a span of 6m to 21m, and heights to 7.5m.

There are four different arch types available to meet the needs of the design: 1) one piece arches, 2) two piece arches, 3) 3-pin arches, and 4) top arches. The necessary span, the transportability of the units, and the loadings imposed on the structure will generally determine the type of arch required for each project.

The Humes precast arch system provides many benefits:

  • Design versatility - Several arch types can be customised to suit almost all clearance envelope requirements, with multiple cell arches providing easy application to most site configurations including sloped sites, curved pathways, rail impact, and skylight openings. Precast spandrel walls and wing walls are available to provide a complete arch solution.
  • Fast installation - Humes' precast arches are fast and easy to assemble without the need for formwork. Simple strip footings are suitable for the arch. All arches are free standing and require no scaffolding during erection.
  • Impressive durability - The combination of backfill and overfill provides protection for the arch element. All arches are designed for a 100 year life in accordance with Australian Standard - Bridge Design (AS5100 - 2004).
  • Minimal maintenance - The system provides a continuous pavement (no joints) for overpasses which means asset owners avoid the cost and inconvenience of bridge deck maintenance, and support bearing or expansion joint repairs. The use of high strength concrete manufactured under tight quality systems also ensures minimal inspection requirements throughout the life of the structure.
  • Great aesthetic value - Arches present a graceful appearance in any environment, and are suitable for a wide range of surface treatments to further enhance their design.
  • No differential settlement - Precast arches don't need approach slabs to prevent differential settlement at the abutments.
The one piece arch

For spans up to 12m and heights of 4m.

The two piece arch

An ideal solution for larger envelopes with spans from 15m to 21m, and heights up to 7.5m.

The 3-pin arch

Ideal for tunnels with heavy and complex loadings, or for a variety of internal clearance criteria.

The top arch

The top arch is designed with a flatter arc and a larger radius to accommodate stringent clearance requirements and provide a viable alternative to beam and slab solutions.

Arch accessories

The arch system typically includes an arch unit, a spandrel wall, and a wing wall.

Architectural finishes

Humes' range of finishes transforms a concrete structure into an architectural solution. The range encompasses simple traditional brick, stone textured patterns, or sophisticated custom artwork.

Humes BEBO Precast Arch Systems

The fully pre-engineered precast structures are an efficient bridge and tunnel solution in the 5-30 meter span range. Humes have been the exclusive Australian manufacturer of BEBO™ arches since 1984 and has undertaken development work in consultation with the BEBO group and has extended the BEBO concept into a unique portfolio of arches.